• I spent a couple days with the indie rock artist playing pinball and wandering around New York City.

Mac DeMarco has road rage. Less than one minute after we hop in the Dodge minivan he uses as a tour van, he is flipping the bird to the big dude behind the wheel of the automobile he just cut off. “Fuuuuck! Youuuu!” Mac yells out of the window, dragging each word out nice and slow and loud while leaning across his girlfriend, Kiera, who is sitting calmly in the passenger seat. The big, now-furious dude returns the favor: He sticks his left arm out of his driver’s side window – he is nearly touching Mac’s van, because that is how close they came to hitting each other – and shoots his fat middle-finger straight-up at Mac and yells, “Fuck you!” After a brief but awkward staring contest, the man drives away.

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